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Adams County Nursery Co.
AgBiome Innovations
Agro-K Corp.
AquaSpy, Inc.
Atticus LLC
BASF Crop Protection
Bayer – CropScience Division
Bee Vectoring Technology BVT
Brandt’s Fruit Trees, LLC
Brewt Power Systems
C&O Nursery
Cameron Nursery, LLC
Certis Biologicals
Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition
CopenHaven Farms Nursery
Corteva Agriscience LLC
Davis Instruments Corp.
DECCO US Post-Harvest, Inc. | Division of UPL
DeGrandchamp Farms, Inc.
Empire State Producers Expo
FELCO, division of PYGAR USA, Inc.
FMC Corporation
Fowler Nurseries, Inc.
Gillison’s Variety Fabrication Inc.
Gowan Company
Green Hoe Co.

H.F. Hauff Company Inc.
Hartmann’s Plant Co.
Haven Harvesters
Head Honchos
Hillside Cultivator Co. LLC
Hilltop Fruit Trees
ICL Specialty Fertilizers
Industrial Gas Solutions, Inc / Gas At Site Pty Ltd
John Deere
Kronen Corporation
Liphatech Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention
Miedema Auctioneering & Appraisals
MILLER Chemical
Monte Package Company
Morgan Composting
Moser Fruit Tree Sales Inc.
Nabaco Inc
Nourse Farms Inc.
Ocean Organics
Oesco Inc.
Omex USA
Orchard-Rite Ltd Inc. | Pacific Distributing Incorporated
Pace International, LLC
Peach Ridge Orchard Supply Inc.
Phil Brown Welding Corp.
Provide Agro
Rockford Package Supply Inc.
SAN Agrow
Sheridan Realty & Auction Co.
Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference

Spectrum Technologies Inc.
Spring Brook Supply
Spring Meadow Nursery
Stan Peterson Fruit Tree Sales, LLC
Stokes Seeds Inc.
Stoller USA, Inc.
Storage Control Systems, Inc.
Summit Agro USA LLC
Summit Tree Sales
Suterra LLC
Tallman Ladders Inc.
Teleos Ag Solutions
Tew Mfg. Corp.
Thomas Bros. Equipment Sales
Timac Agro USA
Trece Inc.
United Fresh Produce Association
Valent U.S.A. Corporation
Van Well Nursery
Vestaron Corporation.
Wafler Nursery
Wallick Post and Lumber Inc.
Walton Lumber Company
West Branch Wood Treating
Wildeye Monitoring
Wildlife Control Supplies
Willamette Nurseries Inc.
Willow Drive Nursery Inc.
Zenport Industries
Zirk Welding

"I consider the ads to be an important source of information and a very helpful part of the publication. It gives me, as a researcher, a good sense of the directions in which new technologies and products are moving."

- FGN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"Keeps us on pulse of agriculture industry as a whole, while also educating on specifics. Love seeing new products to research and explore."

- FGN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"FGN provides for me a different perspective to growing tree fruits from the Good Fruit grower which is Washington centric. My operation is in Oregon and our climate is more like the eastern growing regions, specifically in the spring growing season."

- FGN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"It is a good publication to read to see what is happening, what new developments and products there are in the broader world of fruit growing. Articles often either confirm our practices or make me reconsider them. Articles can spark an idea even if the subject is not directly related to our operation. It's also good to see what new products are coming along."

- FGN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®

“Decade Products was very satisfied with our print and digital campaigns .... For many of the campaigns, we had an average open rate of 24.5%, which is much higher than the industry average. By doing print ads, e-newsletters and being put on the FGN/VGN websites, we saw an increase in new customer business. With the world constantly changing to a digital footprint, this was necessary for the future growth of Decade Products.”

- Dave Gargett, Decade Products